Tuia 250. Re-framing first contact

Next year marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first face to face meeting between tangata whenua and European sailors. The Te Hā Sestercennial Trust is preparing for a year of commemoration titled Tuia 250. It’s a commemoration of Pacific voyagers who made their way to Aotearoa, and the European sailors who arrived in October 1769. Historians Dame Anne Salmond and Dr Wayne Ngata talk to Kathryn about re-framing the conversation around first contact to include narratives from many different cultures.

Tupaia’s Map Unlocked

“Europeans abstract space, they objectivise it, externalise it and fix it. They then measure it with the invisible lines of latitude and longitude, measure where you are and then travel,” he said.

Polynesians imagined a world where “people didn’t move”, but the “world moved around them”, Eckstein said.

Reanimating Tūpuna Stories

As part of Tuia 250, ākona (students) in Marlborough and the East Coast are participating in gaming workshops to explore and share their local histories. The Games for Tuia project is led by NZCER working in collaboration with Gamefroot, and encourages tamariki to run with their imaginations in game design – telling stories like that of Kupe and Te Wheke o Muturangi.




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