tuia 250 education

Children and young people are a key focus of Tuia – Encounters 250, through a national education programme. Their views, participation and learning are vital to the commemoration. Education initiatives will explore the themes of Tuia

The recording and teaching of New Zealand’s history has left large gaps in our understanding and appreciation of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Māori and Pacific heritage. The result has often been an imbalanced narrative.

Tuia 250 events, projects and new curriculum resources will elevate Māori stories and significant tūpuna to bring more balance to the narrative of our history, especially for future generations.

The European part of our history will also come under the spotlight, as children are encouraged to learn more about our dual heritage and look toward the future.

Tuia 250 aims to:

  • deepen understanding of our dual heritage
  • balance the narrative around our history
  • raise the aspirations of young people
  • open and continue conversations on important, sometimes difficult topics connected with the commemoration.