Tuia 250 Voyage Flotilla Announced

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Reanimating Tūpuna Stories

Tuia250 revives history through modern-day voyaging, storytelling, and now gaming.
Marlborough iwi, Te Atiawa, tells the story of the great navigator, Kupe who chased the cheeky octopus, Muturangi from his home in Hawaiki to Aotearoa after Muturangi stole fish from his net.

Healing Old Wounds

An important and startling new piece of Bay of Islands history was revealed at a Russell Museum Exhibition opening on Friday night. Henrik Grudemo, the Deputy Head Of Mission at the Swedish Embassy had come to Russell for the opening of Paradise Lost, an exhibition...

Tuia – Encounters 250 creative writing competition

Enter the 2019 Smart Alex creative writing competition for secondary school students

Would your secondary students like to enter an exciting creative writing competition? Entry is free and there is $3,000 in prize money!

Navigating through difficult histories

How exactly should we remember the important early encounters in New Zealand history? Should we praise or condemn or find a difficult but honest middle ground?

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