Gisborne first stop for Tuia 250 flotilla

Gisborne will be the first port of call in October for a flotilla of waka and historical tall ships on a voyage around New Zealand to mark the 250th anniversary since the first encounters between Maori and Europeans in October 1769.

Tuia 250 co-chair Dame Jenny Shipley said this morning a replica of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour would be included in the Tuia Encounters 250 event. However, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage said this was still being finalised.

The fleet will stay in Gisborne for five days before sailing to Uawa/Tolaga Bay on October 10.

They will depart Uawa/Tolaga Bay between October 12 and 16 to travel around the country. The flotilla will stop at destinations along the way before making its way back to Mahia on December 15.

The first meetings between Maori and Europeans 250 years ago in October 1769 have been identified as a “major anniversary”.

Tupaia’s Map Unlocked

“Europeans abstract space, they objectivise it, externalise it and fix it. They then measure it with the invisible lines of latitude and longitude, measure where you are and then travel,” he said.

Polynesians imagined a world where “people didn’t move”, but the “world moved around them”, Eckstein said.

Reanimating Tūpuna Stories

As part of Tuia 250, ākona (students) in Marlborough and the East Coast are participating in gaming workshops to explore and share their local histories. The Games for Tuia project is led by NZCER working in collaboration with Gamefroot, and encourages tamariki to run with their imaginations in game design – telling stories like that of Kupe and Te Wheke o Muturangi.




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