tuia 250 themes

Tuia – Encounters 250 is about the people and place of Aotearoa New Zealand – what brought us together, the challenges we face now and how we will weave our cultures and values into a future we will be proud to leave for the next generation.

The commemoration recognises the extraordinary voyaging traditions and cultures of Te Moana nui a Kiwa (the Pacific), the exceptional feats of Pacific voyagers, their mātauranga (knowledge), innovation and non-instrument navigation prowess and their decision to settle in Aotearoa many generations ago.

It also acknowledges the feats of European explorers, the technology they developed and their encounters with the people of this place when James Cook, Tupaia and others on the Endeavour arrived and sailed around Aotearoa in 1769 and 1770.

Dual Heritage – Shared Future

Presenting a balanced and honest historical narrative to better understand each other, and build a strong foundation for a richer shared future


Uplifting Pacific/Māori and European voyaging and navigation techniques

First meetings, migration and settlement

Considering their impact on contemporary society

The arts, science, technology and mātauranga

The innovation and skill that existed in 1769 and before that time

Whakapapa and identity

Exploring our own stories and our common bond as voyagers to Aotearoa New Zealand.


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