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The Tuia 250 Voyage will take the form of a flotilla of vessels – waka hourua, va’a tipaerua, heritage vessels and their crews sailing to and engaging communities throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, between October and December 2019. The voyage flotilla will promote the exceptional feats of Pacific, Māori and European voyaging that brought us together, while providing an opportunity to reflect on our complex history of migration and settlement, and a platform for us to think about how we navigate the future together.

The Voyage begins

The Tuia 250 Voyage begins in Tahiti on the 19th of August with the launch of the va’a tipaerua Fa’afaite. Using the celestial navigation methods Pacific voyagers have used for thousands of years, the crew will guide the Fa’afaite across more than 4,300 kilometres of open ocean without instruments to join the other vessels in the flotilla in Aotearoa New Zealand. The navigators rely on signs in the natural environment such as the position of the stars, moon and sun as well as the wind, swells and bird patterns.

The crew of Fa’afaite, which is owned by the Tahiti Voyaging Society, are representing their ancestor, the ‘arioi and revered navigator Tupaia. He helped navigate the Endeavour before it made landfall in Aotearoa and was pivotal in communicating with Māori.

This map shows the planned passage of the Fa’afaite with rest stops:


Map showing journey from Tahiti

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tuia 250 voyage passage

These are the locations and communities currently included in the preferred passage of the Tuia 250 Voyage in 2019. They are subject to change.

Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, Gisborne


Arrival: 5th October



Ūawa, Tolaga Bay


Arrival: 12th October



Whitianga, Mercury Bay


Arrival: 18th October



Tamaki Makaurau Auckland


Arrival: 25 October





Arrival: 31st October

Pēwhairangi Bay Of Islands


Arrival: 7th November

Doubtless Bay


Arrival: 12 Nov 2019

Waitohi, Picton


Arrival: 21st November




Arrival: 27th November




Arrival:30th November

Te Whakaraupō, Lyttleton Harbour


Arrival: 7th December



Arrival: 15th December